Molly Maher's music resides on the border Americana roots and big city grooves moving beautifully between them, blending simmering cools with twangy lament-filled spirit, guitar driven country-folk-jam with a blues swagger.

Molly has explored the intersections of American music and global rhythms with curiosity of and returned to sing about it with an authentic and sage voice. Her live performances are an unforgettable experience.  An incomparable singer and songwriter with compelling depth and soul and cutting lyrics draws from the deep roots of all music. Writing songs that ring true her singing is a fine balance of deep and soulful, somewhere between Lucinda Williams and Bonnie Raitt. 

If it is possible for a band to own a town then Molly Maher and her band of Disbelievers have to be about as close as it gets to holding the keys. Backed by Maher's "Disbelievers" all local veterans and accomplished musicians in their own right .

Players for live shows most likely will include one or more of these talents : Erik Koskinen (guitar, vocals), Paul Bergen (guitar), Steve Murray ( bass) , James Tyler O'Neill ( organ, vocals), Richard Medek (drums) , Noah Levy (drums) , JT Bates (drums) 

Molly Maher & the Gilded Quadriga 
 Combining harp with electric guitar brings a fresh shine to Molly Maher's rootsy repertoire. 
"The Gilded Quadriga" is Nikki Lemire, Erik Koskinen, Steve Murray and Richard Medic backing up Molly, pulling her into a lush grove where there's quiet places to dwell amongst rushing streams and minor thirds. If you want a succinct summary of this group , you could say that it exists at the crossroads of alt-country, rock, soul, and world music.  Exploring uninhabited musical spaces together once a year. 

Showcasing strong musicianship, adaptability, and alluring performances, Molly has opened for some of the best acts in the country, among them: Los Lobos, John Hiatt, Marty Stuart.