Lowertown Sounds

June 13 6-9

Erik Koskinen and his band w/ Molly Maher & her Disbelievers present a night of free music at Mears Park. Thanks to the great sponsors of Lowertown Sounds!  

Whirlygig w/ and Her Disbelievers 5/19 1:00 !

Indeed Brewing

Mary Bue New Album Preview w/ Molly Maher & the Gilded Quadriga and Dandy L. Freling

May 17th Icehouse

Friends and friends of friends. This will be a sweet night. Mary's new record is stunning and how fun for all of us to see them run these songs live for all for some firsts! The Gilded Quadriga is a side hustle with some older and new songs in a unique setting. Little less twang a lot more har(p). Dandy as you all know is speptacular . 


"Follow" by Molly Maher

Available now in all forms operators are just hanging around and love to support the US Post Office

Record Release Show will happen when the time is right.